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About Us:

Dain Anderson
Founder & Programmer

Vital Stats:

Age: old!
Location: Durham, North Carolina (USA)
Marital Status: Happily married to Nancy Anderson
Kids: One daughter named Jarah Dayne Anderson and another one on the way!
Work: In Chapel Hill, NC at Terra Dotta (lead web programmer).

The idea for SegaAge is pretty simple. It was in reponse to multiple requests to build it, based on the successful template. It's also a reality due to being interested in Sega, having owned a Dreamcast and Game Gear in the past myself. I've never understood the tension between Sega and Nintendo collectors, as the war has long since been fought (Nintendo won, let's get over it and get back to the games).

Now on to some random factoids about me, inspired by the occasional email I get asking me if I'm "that one guy" (how many Dain Andersons are out there?! Well... at least 3 that I know of). I think it's because I'm on the internet a lot as a hobby and profession and I've been part of so many random things throughout my life that don't seem to logically connect.

That said, you might know me from (in no particular order)...

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