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NEO XYX / ネオ ザイクス is a new bullet hell shmup for the Sega Dreamcast.

NG:DEV.TEAM brings a hand drawn, danmaku/manic shooter to the Dreamcast. The release date was 2/17/14 and all 1300 limited and collectors editions sold out immediately on launch day.
You can still buy the regular edition, here.

Game Features
- 6 stages, 11 bosses
- 16-bit hand-drawn graphics
- Vertical (TATE) and horizontal controls (YOKO)
- VGA Support / REGION FREE / 60hz / NTSC and PAL

I'm always interested when members of our site, or in this case one of our sister sites NintendoAge, come up with really cool projects. In this case it's called Everything is Dolphins by Ray Weiss. Everything is Dolphins is a role playing game hovering somewhere between side scroller video game, talking animal fairy tale, and triptastic fun.  It's a pen and paper RPG that you play at a table, not a computer RPG - don't be confused.  It's also an art book with work by a selection of high and low and elsewhere artists.

A message from the author:

Hi everyone! pk space jam here, and with the holidays coming up, I figured some of you might be interested in a book I published! I designed a pen and paper game (with lots of pretty dolphin pictures) heavily based on Sega's Ecco The Dolphin.

Let's show our support by buying a PDF or hardcopy here:

Happy Holidays!