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Thanks to everyone that has joined or viewed the site so far! From all of us here at SegaAge we want to wish you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't been a dedicated Sega guy most of my life, but I've always looked to the Sega community with a lot of curiosity. A few months ago I started to get messages from members of the NintendoAge community, asking if I'd considered opening another community site, but this time dedicated to the Sega platform. Then someone publicly called me out on being the owner of the SegaAge domain, which started a bit of a landslide towards making it a reality. I honestly hadn't really considered it until then, but after thinking on it some more, I came to the realization that I'd already built a dynamic engine that could be easily ported to other platforms (well, maybe not so easily after all!). After much prodding by various members, and even more development, I decided to make it a reality.

The site, for now, will be considered Beta due to the integrated nature of it. When I say "integrated," I mean that it's actually integrated into, if you already have a user account there. To create an account here, all you have to do is arrive on the site, logged into your other NintendoAge account. Your personal items will co-exist in both locations, such as your game collections, image galleries, and feedback -- you get to share all of the important information between all of our "network" sites. User names are unique across all network sites, too, so no one will be allowed to assume your identity.

I also realize this site may not be embraced by existing Sega communities. My intent for this site is not to compete with existing communities, but instead offer people who love Sega some of the tools we've built for people who love Nintendo. That said, take what you will, and leave the rest, and we'll be here for the long haul either way.

See you on the boards!