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May 29, 2012
Campout blurb 052912

Campout thoughts by Paul:

1) This is too damned much work   I am sore, exhausted, and overwhelmed at the moment.
2) There will still not be a campout in 2013.
3)It's been hot hot hot this year so far, wonder how hot it will be once summer officially begins.
4) I'm debating about limiting future campouts to a set number of NA members, instead of letting everyone who wants to come, be able to come.  This will ease my planning and also limit the size as it has grown into a full sized monster.
5) Every year for the campout is starting to take its toll, not sure how much longer I want to keep this up.  I know not for 2013, but could future campouts be every 2 years instead of every year????
6) Digging a 40 foot ditch with a pick and a shovel was alot of work this weekend, when it was 95 outside.