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November 06, 2011
Another day with the PC. Modding Sonic all day for the upcoming game Sonic LightGain (Remake for Dreamcast of Sonic 1)

Well, i haven't sleep for 3 days for modeling Sonic for our upcoming game. In progress 23%, wow that is epic long progress. I started modelling sonic from the head, the first model of Sonic head is very blocky, i'm sure no one love that. The second one is apporved the head and the nose too (too much axis). The third one is the perfect one. Last friday, my co-founder came to my house and said "What the heck is that ?", i said "Is sonic head". Then he said "Wow, that look awesome", Again i just said thank. Saturday is the finishing with the feet, hand and the entire body, therefore i didn't found any texture to adding it so i bought one at Sunday, which mean today, i finished the model, but is still a lot of bug and system movement lagging too, i'm still doing it from morning to right now. But i will finish the model as soon as i can.