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High Scores (latest)
System Game User Points  Date
Image Isolated Warrior avatar bertsampson 744,600 14-Nov-17
Image Adventure Island 3 avatar bertsampson 147,950 13-Nov-17
Image Beat Em avatar bertsampson 328 30-Oct-17
Image Scramble avatar bertsampson 171,650 26-Oct-17
Image P.O.W. - Prisoners of War avatar RegularNintendo 25,300 22-Oct-17
Image BurgerTime avatar hypnic 53,200 21-Oct-17
Image Jaws avatar Roblicki 573,720 21-Oct-17
Image Arkanoid avatar BriGuy82 91,990 17-Oct-17
Image Trog! avatar mugenmidget 73,135,970 15-Oct-17
Image Double Strike avatar bertsampson 40,500 15-Oct-17
Image Tagin' Dragon avatar bertsampson 7,570 15-Oct-17
Image Batman - The Video Game avatar Gloves 2,671,700 14-Oct-17
Image Terra Cresta avatar Gloves 317,600 13-Oct-17
Image Star Force avatar Gloves 1,070,700 13-Oct-17
Image Moon Ranger avatar Gloves 4,284,400 12-Oct-17
Image Solomon's Key avatar Gloves 306,410 11-Oct-17
Image Rampart avatar bertsampson 38,632 11-Oct-17
Image Pipe Dream avatar bertsampson 529,800 05-Oct-17
Image Kung Fu Heroes RoDawg211 960,100 30-Sep-17
Image Abadox - The Deadly Inner War avatar bertsampson 307,680 30-Sep-17
Image Ms. Pac-Man avatar bertsampson 228,140 30-Sep-17
Image Felix the Cat avatar Gloves 1,000,340 30-Sep-17
Image R.C. Pro-Am avatar bertsampson 267,387 30-Sep-17
Image Zanac avatar bertsampson 807,210 30-Sep-17
Image Adventures of Dino Riki avatar bertsampson 618,490 29-Sep-17
Image Jackal avatar LifeGame 439,660 28-Sep-17
Image Starship Hector avatar bertsampson 1,250,500 27-Sep-17
Image Commando avatar bertsampson 595,850 25-Sep-17
Image 1942 avatar bertsampson 999,950 25-Sep-17
Image Mario Bros., The Original avatar bertsampson 999,990 24-Sep-17
Image Rise of Amondus avatar bertsampson 83,850 22-Sep-17
Image Legendary Wings, The avatar Gloves 4,084,200 19-Sep-17
Image Life Force avatar Gloves 814,000 16-Sep-17
Image Pac-Man avatar Boosted52405 75,920 18-Jul-17
Image Marble Madness avatar guillavoie 179,230 17-Apr-17
Ninja 2 avatar toshi5o3 3,100 29-Mar-17
Spook-o'-tron avatar Mog 1 22-Mar-17
Spook-o'-tron avatar JamesRobot 22,400 18-Mar-17
Image Sky Kid ButtonMasher123 164,270 18-Mar-17
Image 3-D Battles of World Runner, The avatar bad_dude 277,400 07-Mar-17
Image Batman Returns avatar bad_dude 36,080 03-Mar-17
Image Punisher, The avatar mugenmidget 172,550 28-Feb-17
Image Kickle Cubicle avatar mugenmidget 536,200 28-Feb-17
Image 8-BIT XMAS [2016] avatar Mog 410,908,050 26-Feb-17
Image Back to the Future avatar Leufion 332,250 04-Feb-17
Dig Dug avatar Hax0rKyo 39,010 24-Jan-17
Image Blade Buster (ブレイドバスター) avatar Mog 1,491,700 18-Jan-17
Image Kid Niki: Radical Ninja avatar Shemp 999,900 18-Jan-17
Image Road Runner avatar mugenmidget 608,239 16-Jan-17
Image Gradius II avatar mugenmidget 9,999,950 15-Jan-17