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4 Pak All Action

Class: Unlicensed
Cart ID: DIS-SG4-1
Publisher: HES
Developer: (Multiple)
Region: Australia (AUS)
8  Cart: Very Rare
8  Box: Very Rare
9  Manual: Unusually Rare
TV Format: Multiregion
Platform: Sega Master System / Mark III (SMS)
Released: 1995
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Used Price: NEI

Sources of Information

From NintendoAGE

4 Pak All Action is surprisingly the only game released by HES for the Master System.  Why this is surprising is because of two reasons.  One, the SMS was generally more popular abroad than the NES.  And two, the SMS didn't have the lock-out chip problems that the NES did, thus HES didn't need to create any special 'piggy back' or 'dongle' games so they would work properly.  For some reason, they simply decided not to go any further and other than this they released a cartridge version of a Master System to Mega Drive converter.  It may be because of the late release date.  The SMS was all but finished by 1995, other than in Brazil.  The games were actually developed in Korea.  Some are hacks, and one is a downright pirate version of Adventure Island II for the MSX.

4 Pak All Action is one of the most difficult games to locate, especially complete.  The box is a little more common than the manual, but collectors should note, the manual is simply a printed piece of paper.  It's easy to tell from its age, but it could be simple for someone to fake if they really wanted to.  Buyer beware if you see just the manual appear.  Be certain you know what you're purchasing.