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Zillion II: The Tri Formation

Packaging (front)

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Class: Licensed
Cart ID: 5105
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: SEGA
Region: United States (USA)
3  Cart: Very Common
3  Box: Very Common
3  Manual: Very Common
TV Format: NTSC
Platform: Sega Master System / Mark III (SMS)
Released: 1988
UPC Code: 0-10086-05105-6
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Used Price: NEI

Sources of Information

From the Publisher
Zillion's White Knights™ are back! The evil Norsa™ Empire has built a new, deadly labyrinth. Your friends, Champ™ and Apple™, invaded the fortress and were captured by the evil Baron Ricks!™

You are J.J.™, Commander of the White Knights. You're going in to get them back. For firepower you have the Zillion Laser and the Tri Formation, a three-wheeled cycle which can change to an invincible suit of flying armor!

Norsa robot warriors... Bottomless pits... Electric death traps! You must defeat them all! If you rescue Champ and Apple they can help you. But before you can escape you'll have to battle the most dangerous enemy of all, Baron Ricks! You'll need more than luck on this mission!