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20 em 1

Class: Licensed
Cart ID: 0002
Publisher: Tec Toy
Region: Brazil / South America (BZL)
4  Cart: Common
8  Box: Very Rare
7  Manual: Rare
Platform: Sega Master System / Mark III (SMS)
Released: 1997
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Used Price: NEI

Sources of Information

From NintendoAGE
20 Em 1 is a unique Brazilian release.  It's a basic cartridge consisting of twenty different, and generally horrible titles.  This is basically the SMS equivalent of Action 52, except that the games are more playable overall and have much better graphics.  The cartridge is usually pretty easy to find, but the manual and box are not.  The manual is usually elusive because many Brazilians threw them out (for most SMS releases).  The box, however, is even more complicated.  20 Em 1, in "complete" form, came packaged as a special release with the Brazilian Master System III Compact model.  This is the only way you can create a "complete" copy.