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Alien 3

Class: Licensed
Cart ID: T-81906
Publisher: Arena
Developer: Probe
Region: United States (USA)
Platform: Sega Genesis / Mega Drive (Genesis)
Released: 1993
UPC Code: 7-34549-00104-3
Collector Stats & Tracking:
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Sources of Information

From the Publisher
The Xenomorhp are fast, spit acid and are right behind YOU! The motion tracker is your only warning. No time to think, no time to catch your breath... RUN!

Can't see very far ahead in these air ducts. Hard to breathe. Face-huggers can be anywhere. Must find a Queen Alien. The closer you get, the more Aliens you find... better not have them find you first!

Just keep telling yourself, "THIS ISN'T REALLY HAPPENING... IT'S ONLY A GAME."

Feel the Suspense: Aliens can be anywhere!
Feel the Danger: Rescue cocooned prisoners before they're infected.
Feel the Terror: When you discover what's become of the prisoners.
Maze of Corridors: Search for trapped prisoners.
Motion Tracker: Top right screen will warn you an Alien is in range.
Fire Power: Blast the Xenomorph with your flame thrower or grenade launcher.