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Amazing Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin, The

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Class: Licensed
Cart ID: 4412
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Foley Hi-Tech
Region: United States (USA)
Platform: Sega CD / Mega CD (Sega CD)
Released: 1993
UPC Code: 0-10086-04412-6
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From the Publisher

Enter a vicious web of danger and disaster! The Kingpin of Crime frames Spider-Man for planting a bomb in New York; and Spidey's only hope is to find the keys to the bomb's location before it explodes. Help Spider-Man stick it to the Kingpin and his horde of vicious assassins along the way.

- ORIGINAL 3-D ANIMATIONS! Incredible Spider-Man sequences and up-to-the-minute caper reports!
- TAKE AIM WITH SPIDEY'S GADGETS! Shoot webs! Stick to walls and ceilings! And swing from skyscrapers!
- DANGEROUS CRIMINALS! Enter hand-to0hand combat with Dr. Octopus! Put the Sandman to sleep! Use dazzling acrobatics to take on te Lizard, Hobgoblin & Venom. Dodge Electro's amped-up charge! Don't be fooled by the new trickery of Mysterio and the villainy of the Vulture.
- CD-QUALITY MUSIC & AUDIO! Featuring a new original hit from Eric Martin of Mr. Big! Pump it up!