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Class: Licensed
Cart ID: T-93075
Publisher: Sony
Developer: Malibu Interactive
Region: United States (USA)
Platform: Sega CD / Mega CD (Sega CD)
Released: 1993
UPC Code: 0-90451-60603-6
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Sources of Information

From the Publisher
• 20 minutes of awesome digitized film clips taken directly from the movie.
• CD-quality audio featuring incredibly cool selected cuts from the movie soundtrack.
• Radical 3-D SNOWBOARDING levels featuring real-time scaling. You won't need to go to the slopes this year. Just pop in your Cliffhanger Sega CD and go for the ride of your life!
• Dodge treacherous rock slides while scaling shear cliff walls and crossing over chasms along an icy rope.

CLIFFHANGER™ challenges you to brave thundering avalanches, icy cliffs and the head-spinning heights of the Rocky Mountains while combating a vicious group of well-armed, extremely dangerous fugitives. Based on the white-knuckle action-adventure movie starring Sylvester Stallone, you'll hang on for dear life through seven exciting levels requiring all your strength and skill just to survive. Experience the excitement of incredible hand-to-hand action and armed combat. The adventure isn't over until you find $100 million in stolen loot, defeat the fugitives, and reunite with your friends.