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Championship Soccer '94

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Class: Licensed
Cart ID: T-93185
Publisher: Sony
Developer: Sensible
Region: United States (USA)
Platform: Sega CD / Mega CD (Sega CD)
Released: 1994
UPC Code: 7-35009-21670-0
ISBN: 1-56673-087-2
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Sources of Information

From the Publisher
Hailed by critics as... THE BEST SOCCER SIMULATION EVER!

It's addictive! No other soccer game compares. Created for hard-core soccer fans, Chapionship Soccer '94 delivers the ultimate in speed, game control and ultra-realistic game play. It's the perfect soccer game for players who demand an unbeatable combintaion of strategy and action.

Cutomize your own league or cup competitions
Digital day and night stadium shots


• Take charge of one of 100 European club or national teams from around the world
• Superb game play featuring unique after-touch control of height and curve of ball
• Fully animated silcon graphic introduction
• 90 plus CD-sound effects of roaring soccer crowds
• Computer-assisted passing, sliding tackles and diving headers
• Tactical advice on opposite team
• Variable weather conditions lend to the unbelievable realism
• Rough play leads to a yellow or red card or possibly a suspension
• Team tactics and a substitutes bench test your judgement