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Black Hole Assault

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Class: Licensed
Cart ID: PN-6400
Publisher: Bignet
Developer: Micronet
Region: United States (USA)
Platform: Sega CD / Mega CD (Sega CD)
Released: 1992
UPC Code: 0-27479-06400-5
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From the Publisher
Blast The Akirovs!
Get ready for the inter-gallactic battle of the 21st Century. Mother Earth is on the verge of extincion. Overpopulation and mass urbanization have created a shortage of vital raw materials. You've been commissioned to pilot the most devastating weapon in the univers - code name: C.A.M. - and duel the almighty Akirovian empire for their precious resources.

• First combat/adventure CD on the market
• High-intensity, photo-realistic CD graphics
• Pumpin soudtrack
• Fuse-poppin' combat action
• 1-and 2-player gaming selections
• Block-bustin' 8-player "Tournament" and "League" play
• 10 stellar battleground scenarios
• 8 rude war machines each with its own hot hardware

Battle an alien warbot on the desolate tundra of Rhea.
Challenge a fellow C.A.M-rad on Satellite Phobos.
Kickin' CD animation makes all the action come alive.