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Class: Licensed
Cart ID: T-86015
Publisher: Absolute
Developer: Micronet
Region: United States (USA)
Platform: Sega CD / Mega CD (Sega CD)
Released: 1994
UPC Code: 0-18706-62394-2
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From the Publisher
A/X-101™ Free Earth from the Gurzons' Villainous Grip!

At the height of mankind's most glorious cultural and technological renaissance, the Earth is laid low by the Gurzons - a warlike and megalomanical alien race. Our planet's cities are shattered, and its population enslaved. But there is a last hope: if just a few Earth Defense Force pilots can break through to the planet Prism, the Gurzons' enemies will provide Earth with a miracle weapon that could save the world - the A/X-101™!

Now you can embark on one of the most visually stunning Sega CD™ adventures yet! A/X-101 utilizes superior graphics to make the battle to save the human race unfold before your eyes in dazzlingly-rendered animations! You'll fight through swarms of Gurzon fighters on outrageous 3-D battle screens so real you'll feel the thrusters at your back as your starfighter twists and turns through space!

-Brilliantly rendered transitional sequences bring all the intergalactic action to life!
-Fight the Gurzon legions on colorful and detailed 3-D battle screens!
-Outstanding and amazingly fluid animations utilize all the power of Sega CD technology!