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Escape from Atlantis, The

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Class: Unreleased (Unl.)
Publisher: Color Dreams
Developer: Oetinger
Region: United States (USA)
Peripherals: Standard or Compatible Controller
TV Format: NTSC
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
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Escape from Atlantis:

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From NintendoAGE

Escape from Atlantis was a puzzle game with a plot which took place in Atlantis. Your player has to use items to solve seven stages worth of puzzles. For example, there is a spider in the one stage guarding the entrance to a ravine. There is also a ladder hidden in the stage. Your player has to grab the ladder, dodge the spider, and throw the ladder across the ravine to escape that level.

After you complete level seven, there is a boat which takes you out of Atlantis forever, hence the name Escape from Atlantis.

A proto of this game was purchased off ebay for a cheap $24 in 2006. Two copies have been found thus far. The owners being Portnoyd and Joeuoft.

From The Warp Zone:

"I remember playing a game back in Elementary school titled Doctor Quandary. The game took place on an island. There were several mini-games you had to complete before the player was rescued and taken off of the island. When I first played Escape from Atlantis, it reminded me of Doctor Quandary... on drugs. Lousy game control and lack of music both play a factor in killing a good game concept.

Escape from Atlantis, the name says it all. The objective of the game is to solve several puzzles and escape from Atlantis. Puzzles include stealing a key from a bird, fighting a Cyclops, and dodging lightning while crossing a bridge. These tasks may sound (and look) easy, but they really aren't. Due to sloppy game control I ended up spending up to twenty minutes on each puzzle --- not my idea of fun.

Two prototypes of this unreleased wonder have been discovered. The first copy was found by a game programmer and traded to Martin Nielsen for a Sega Nomad. The second copy was found with some Wisdom Tree stuff and was sold to Sfsurvivor. This copy was later sold to Skrybe. Both copies of the game are said to be the same, around 80% complete. This game could have been a winner but the poor play control and bad "music" (more like blips and beeps) really harm the playability of the game."