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NA/SA/PSA now owned by GoCollect

Jul 03 at 1:43:31 AM
dballin (22)
(Dave Balls) < Dr. Robotnik >
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Rhode Island
Anybody else know about this before getting the marketing email this morning? I'm not a frequent checker of NA, but I guess it was only announced there. Dain Anderson, founder of NintendoAge and SegaAge / purchaser of PlaystationCollecting turned PlaystationAge, has sold the website (and his entire collection, now dubbed the "Carolina Collection" because labels are important?) to another guy who owns a for-profit comic book sales/tracking site as of a month and a half ago. I still can't figure out how to use their site for games though.

NA forum topic here:

Most of the scans on SA outside of the Game Gear section, which was Braveheart's domain, are of my personal copies that I spent hundreds of hours scanning, sorting, cropping, resizing, uploading, taking emulator screenshots, and then doing tons of data entry because it's all manual baby! SMS is the only other console for which SA has scans that has a significant amount that aren't mine, although close to half probably was. The leftovers were coutesy of user TSOLfan, owner of, which has even more scans than I moved over here for most Sega consoles, but the uploading required all the same stuff while replacing scanning with downloading; everything else was the same. 32X (the only "console" which has 100% scans) also may have about 1/3 I didn't own, but that's only ~10 games (SA user videogamehunter supplied the rest) and I'm pretty sure I did a lot of the data entry based on the scans uploaded. It feels weird to have somebody just come in and buy all that work since I, and other users, did it all just to have a one stop shop of information on a hobby I/we am/are interested in.

Good for Dain since I'm sure he wasn't operating in the black providing this space on a hobby over the past 13 years, but hey this was a surprise.

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Jul 03 at 2:54:11 AM
flatuswalrus (54)
(Mr. Dane) < Max Thunder >
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I might check NA once or twice a year so that is all news to me. I guess it could be a good thing or a bad thing, only time will tell. I completely understand how you feel regarding all the work everyone has put into the site. It might sound silly to care about that to some but I get it. I guess we can only hope the new owner(s) either leave things as it or any changes made work out to be a good thing.

Jul 03 at 9:37:56 AM
nrslam (13)

(Ron S) < Tom-Tom >
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The banner ad at the top of the page is the first really noticeable change. I understand the need to pay for the service somehow, so as long as it doesn't get too intrusive, I'll be OK with it. I read NA regularly so knew this was coming.