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Fake or legit megadrive cover?

Jul 05 at 10:53:16 AM
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So i had this copy of burning force coming in today and while the print quality is good it's a bit red wich is especially noticable on the square lines withouth picture

Also the picture is a bit darker more red especially noticable in the buildings on the backround

is this legit factory error or a very well done home made print job

The game came in a cheap set and is complete with original manual

Paper quality has the same kind of feel and thickness like most sega games

also as with most old megadrive games even in great condition some very slight yellowing on the white back

My original copy on the bottom side. don't mind the side title slightly discouloured sadly but especially take note of the buildings and the red lines wich are usually just white/grey on normal megadrive games

on 2nd picture original on bottom. the more red one on top

The red one has a slight edge miscut so it is a bit wider than my original. As far as megadrive art work goes usually top or bottom are a bit shorter or longer wich in the end means missing art work 

Love to hear some opinions from others

History of the item, came in a cheap set bought some other stuff from the guy some years ago for pretty cheap prices so if it's fake allot of effort.


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Oct 02 at 3:17:57 AM
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Get a magnifying glass and see if you can see any difference in the print pattern.