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Earthworm Jim 2 PAL on NTSC/J Saturn Missing Sprites

Mar 08 at 12:52:13 PM
sulaco (2)
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I recently got an OSSC and I'm putting different systems through their paces. RGB from the Genesis and Saturn is pretty nuts, without scanlines it looks like an emulator on an LCD.

When playing a PAL copy of Earthworm Jim 2 on my NTSC/J Saturn all of the front-most sprites are missing during normal gameplay. The level starts and before I can take control I see Jim and the rest of the HUD elements, but once control is passed to the controller all of those sprites disappear. Enemy sprites are generally present. When the game is paused, all sprites appear (this may be due to a grayscale filter being applied to the whole image).

Unfortunately, I only have a SCART cable for the Saturn, so I can't test other output formats, but have tested both an OSSC and a cheaper SCART to HDMI adapter with the same result. I also don't have any other PAL games 

I've seen a similar comment elsewhere online from several years ago, but without any resolution.

Is this an RGB output problem? A PAL game on an NTSC console problem? Something unique to sprite-based games? Anyone else seen anything similar?

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Mar 10 at 5:45:20 AM
theclaw (78)

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I don't really know about this game. Some games may have glitches.

50hz or 60hz are controlled by the hardware on the Saturn.
If you're using a cartridge to play PAL games, they'll be run and displayed in NTSC mode.

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