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Manual scan for Per4mer turbo wheel for genesis/Saturn/pc?

Nov 14, 2017 at 12:12:52 AM
Swami (0)

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I recently bought a Sega Genesis Per4mer Turbo wheel by Home Arcade Systems (later Platinum Sound) off ebay. It had the box, warranty card and order form for optional suction cups, but no manual. I think the operation of the wheel is similar for PC, Genesis, 3do and Saturn, but I cannot find the manual or instructions for the four programming buttons seen here on the right anywhere online after looking for hours (I found explanations for the steering wheel buttons on the box and in reviews). Does anyone have a scan of the manual for one of these wheels, or a manual you could scan or could you explain the instructions? Thanks!

Here is what I have found: The four buttons on the side are up, down, C, and start.

A and B buttons on front of wheel, up and down buttons on the back, but there is some obscure button combination for button re-programming I can't find.

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