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i need help on rendering rendering help

Oct 2, 2017 at 9:20:32 PM
djexotic (1)

(daniel avila) < Flicky >
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Ok, i need your eyes for this video footage test. I am trying to render a video in 60 fps but it not working out so great so i am going down to 24 fps in my render(thank you youtube for being shitty). You’re going to see two video’s in these test footage. One is the mp4 to mpeg2 video in 1080-24p and the other is the fla/ts video to mpeg2 1080-24p with no sound. Please click on the links and tell me which is best and can you tell from any motion blur or shuttle’s in these video’s. While telling me what is best the mp4 or fla/ts video. Both video’s are not modify with no color correction or sharpness. Also please view these video’s on your pc or smart tv then a cellphone.

1. mp4 to mpeg2 1080-24p

2. fla/ts video to mpeg2 1080-24p