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Finally beat R-Type What a difficult game

May 14 at 1:30:51 AM
JeremiahJT (0)

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After trying on and off for years to beat R-Type on the Master System I finally did it.  A few weeks ago I decided I was going to play it and beat it this time and after many, many attempts I came out victorious.  Thank the Lord for the continue trick or I would not have been able to do it.  I would just use the regular rotate the pad clockwise technique which only gives you a dozen extra continues.  I did use the sound test trick once to see if I could get it to work.

Now I am by no means a master of shooters, but I am decent.  R-Type whooped me quite a few times though.  I got to where I could fly through the first 3 stages without losing a life, but the fourth stage increased the difficulty exponentially.  I took the secret stage out of stage 4 a couple of times, but I did not like how you went back to stage 4 when you died.  I did beat it once though.  It took me quite a while to get to where I could get through stage 4 without dying or only dying once.

Stage 5 is not too bad, but the red bullets on the red background made for some unexpected deaths sometimes.  The sixth stage is not too bad if you do not have more than one speed boost.  Any more than that and I would crash into the walls.

Stage 7 is where things got really difficult.  The first part is tough, but doable.  The second part (where you start after dying in the latter part) is a son of a bitch.  I think I found three different ways to get to the end boss (maybe only two), but only one way could I do it with any kind of consistency.  And the end boss was impossible until I looked at a gameplay video and saw the little area where you can camp without getting hit.  I do like how you can pick up all of the power-ups after the end boss leaves and before you go to the last stage.

The last stage is nothing compared to the seventh stage.  The worst part is when I would shoot the Droid into the boss and it would just stop in the mouth thing or make it all the way through and start coming back out.  Either way the mouth thing would close on the Droid and I could not attack.  If that happened it was pretty much guaranteed I would die and have to try again.

Well I thought I would come brag to nobody (this place is dead) and give my thoughts.  I have not played a lot of shooters on the Master System, but R-Type has now moved past Bomber Raid as my favorite on the system and probably into my top 5 Master System games overall, definitely top 10.

Anybody know if you get the same message about playing the game again if you beat it a second time?