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M.U.S.H.A. and other Compile shooters Talk about all of them, if you can

Jun 8, 2018 at 6:26:03 PM
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One game which helped me to want to start collecting old games was playing Gun Nac on an emulator. I knew that I wasn't going to pay the ridiculous price for the North American version, so I settled on a Famicom copy for about 20 bucks and got myself a converter to stick on my Top Loader. What I love about the Compile style is that every game has similar gameplay but each still feels individual (I have noticed lifts from Blazing Lazers to Space Megaforce, but sadly I haven't played Blazing Lazers yet.) I love the fact that every screen is loaded with sprites and frantic action, and even on the NES games have almost zero slowdown. But the action is rarely so overwhelming since the game supplies scores of powerups which breaks from the Gradius Syndrome of being screwed if you die even once after being fully powered. I have completed with 1CCs on Gun Nac, Zanac, and Space Mega Force (I did cheap out and buy the Japanese version, Super Aleste). I haven't defeated Guardian Legend, but that is because I get sick of wandering around in the Zelda style portions of the game, and don't want to cheat using a walk-through.

So I finally got around to M.U.S.H.A., actually getting to the main topic of the thread. I don't have kids so I can afford a real copy of this game, but I am cheap so I bought a repro, so I'm not here to brag.   But what I wanted to come in a say was: holy hell is this game amazing and shit! It has all of those Compile qualities I wrote about in paragraph one, but it has even better qualities; even though the action seemed frantic in other Compile shooters, in MUSHA it feels more intense and threatening! How creepy are those boss ships with faces? Of course the music is great, and the graphics are impressive, with neat multi-plane scrolling. And the game moves so fast compared to ones of Nintendo consoles that it makes it that much more intense. The level in the clouds with lightning is a high point for me. I'm not certain yet, but after playing this for a week, this game may edge out Battle Mania 2 as my favorite Genesis shooter. The only real downside is that you're a freakin' mech, so your hitbox is big, but then again it takes forever to get killed because of it. So there's that. Overall I believe that MUSHA is a the clear leader of Compile shooters, from what I've played.

How about Robo Aleste? Is it a worthy follow up? Worth bothering about getting a Sega-CD attachment? How many Compile shooters are also out there? How many "Aleste" games? I know there's a few, but how many consoles are they on? Is it worth tracking down all of them? I may eventually get around to hunting down a copy of everything.