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Apr 20 at 10:59:57 PM
Giancarlogb (2)

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 Hi guys,

Just want to know your honest opinion about this game, i'll try to make the story short:

Back in the day who wasn't a tmnt fan and on the videogame world the fighting games were the hot stuff, so simple math: street fighter + tmnt = my mind almost blowing up.

First version that i play was the Snes one and it didn't dissapoint, still one of my favorite snes and fighting games (only game that i own for the snes) everything was just how i expect as a kid or better. Then i didn't realize that there was a Sega version, when i saw it at my cousins house. The first thing that i notice was the cover (it was different!) this is a new game! and a couple of minutes later my happiness ended .Here are some facts:

- Only 8 playable characters.(Snes version 12)
- Bad characters choice (Ray and sisiwho??!)
- Broken gameplay ( if you knockdown your opponent, you could slam them until the end of the match)
- Only one ending. (With only 8 characters, could they possible make the replay value more shorter)
- The desesperation move which is the super move are uninspiring.
- 3 bosses and there are not playable ( there is a game genie code, but you had to buy a game genie, on top of that they did not have desesperation moves. Basically it was a hack to the game, not planned as a cheat.)
- Only 2 attack buttons. (Street fighter and the 6 button layout were already on the market, and the snes version had a 6 button configuration if a remember, no excuse)

I want to say i do respect anybodys opinion, but for me is still kinda shocking looking at reviews online saying that it was the BEST VERSION and Gamepro putting it at the time as a big fighting contender behind Street Fighter. I'm being to harsh on the game? maybe missing something? the only thing that in my opinion could possibly have on top of the Snes version is the Nostalgia factor (Maybe the first game you got, a surprise gift , etc) and that's it.

Is this your favorite version? do you agree with me? what's you opinion?.


Apr 22 at 4:42:33 PM
The Count (100)
(Grant X.) < Neff >
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The NES version is my favorite and is the best fighting game for the system.

Apr 22 at 8:31:58 PM
The Age of Genesis (9)
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I only ever saw these Genesis version growing up, and I've always been intrigued by it. Something about the art style. It's fun in a versus game when both people don't really know what they're doing, but the AI is brutal.

Apr 23 at 10:26:53 AM
Giancarlogb (2)

< Sketch Turner >
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I kinda liked what they were trying to do with the dark art especially on the select screen.

But ,In a way ,you were lucky that you didn't play the Snes version first, i feel like is even unfair to compare both.

Apr 25 at 9:29:33 AM
cirellio (47)
(Nintendo Sage) < Flicky >
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Yeah, SNES version was the best, and the NES version is a hidden gem. The Genesis version is probably third place sadly.