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WTB JP Sega Saturn Gundam Side Story jewel case series, the stupid collection.

Sep 03 at 6:51:02 PM
Guigui (4)

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Hello all,

I finally found a way to keep collecting forever on the JP SS : the stupid collection. In this stupid collection, I'll be buying the same games over and over again just for the fun of it. Those games are :
* Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story I, jewel case version, code T-13307G, with spine card.
* Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story II, jewel case version, code T-13311G, with spine card.
* Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story III, jewel case version, code T-13313G, may buy without spine card.
Those jewel case versions are easily recognizable from the cardboard case versions because they do not have that white square logo on the front artwork.

Here is the state of the stupid collection as of september 2019, I'd appreciate if you can check your shelves to see if you have a copy that could help it grow :


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