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WTB: My final CIB US release Sega stragglers, a little of each. Game Gear, Sega CD, Genesis, Pico and Batman Forever on Saturn.

Jun 07 at 7:03:10 AM
goldenpp72 (77)

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Hey all, I figure at this point it's a long shot to find this stuff on here but if I even got one thing it would be a success. I have an extremely robust (but curated to my own taste or needs) Sega collection but have a few odd stragglers that i'm trying to clean up so I can call it quits. I only collect US releases that are complete and in reasonably nice shape unless noted to the side, but please take a quick glance and message me if you think we can help each other! I pay especially well for Game Gear just because i'm close to finishing my personal desired set.

Game Gear

James Pond II
Speedy Gonzales Cheese Catastrophe
Spider-Man and the X-Men: Arcade's Revenge
Bram Stokers
The Simpsons Bart Vs The World
Krusty's Fun House
Game Gear System Box/papers
Game Gear System with McWill mods and refurb work.
Game Gear Link Cable


6 Button controllers (mint shape)
Batman Forever
Beast Wrestler
The Great Circus Starring Mickey & Minnie
Joe & Mac
Paper Boy 2 (really just need the art insert but i'll take it all)
Shadow of the Beast (need another case but i'll take the whole thing)
Skeleton Krew (manual only but we can talk)
Virtua Racing

Sega CD

Double Switch
The Masked Rider: Kamen Rider ZO
Sewer Shock (Boxed version)
Shadow of the Beast II
Wing Commander


Batman Forever

Pico (Shut up)

Adventures in Letterland with Jack and Jill
Crayola: Create a World
Richard Scary's Huckle and Lowly's Busiest Day Ever (I have the box but it's a bit beat up)
Sesame Stree Alphabet Avenue (I said shut up!)


My list of games and hardware i'd like to find

My topic for selling and trading games

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