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FS: Sega Mega Drive/Genesis collection, various games, accessories, etc.

Jun 06 at 3:13:08 AM
GarrettCRW (33)

(Garrett Aja) < Flicky >
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Sega Mega Drive/Genesis collection $325 shipped Lot includes games, Power Base Mini FM, Rhino Pad controller, HD Retrovision component cables (with Genesis 1 adapter), and Duo M1 power supply. The system itself has been modded for SVideo and has JP/US and PAL/NTSC region switches, and appears to be a VA5 or VA6 unit (it has the AV terminal text on the case, but has TMSS).

Bayou Billy $5

Retro Game Cave Duo-N AC adapter $20 Works with NES and Super NES sytems.

Turbo Duo composite cable $5

Super R-Type $8

Darius Twin $10

A Boy and His Blob $7

Zanac $10
The Immortal $8
Top Gun $5

Top Gun: The Second Mission $5

Clash at Demonhead $10

Renegade $5

Tiny Toon Adventures $5
Tiny Toon Adventures 2 $10
Puyo Puyo (FDS) $30
Sega CD 2 spacer and shielding bits $20

8bitdo FC30 Pro controller $30

All boxes and manuals FOR OFFER


Now for the boring part: prices do not include shipping, but are negotiable. If it's not listed (see: all the boxes and instructions), make an offer.

Jun 10 at 9:10:26 PM
billybob884 (0)

< Alex Kidd >
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Do you have any better pictures? They don't enlarge when you open them in a new window...

Jun 13 at 9:27:14 AM
GarrettCRW (33)

(Garrett Aja) < Flicky >
Posts: 2 - Joined: 06/06/2019
I can take pictures of specific things or send along the raw, larger photos of these via email if you'd like.