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FS:selling off my collection of modded fight sticks

Jul 15 at 11:16:57 PM
djexotic (1)

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i am selling a off my three fight sticks.

1. hori fighting edge stick x-box 360 not modded and stock)
This is a stock stick and never been modded because i had no used for it beside playing it on my 360. The touch pad is kinda tricky to work but it does function once you know it how to work it. You get used of it.

2. injustice fight stick 360 model but “no pcb board” modded)
I used this stick for fighting tournament’s and had my fun with it. I strip the pcb board that once had a 360 function board to a ps+360 fighting board. It has a deadpool art cover i did and it come with sanwa 30mm buttons and a sanwa joystick with a o-ring then the four way ring.

3. wwe brawl madcatz fight stick 360 model modded)(pcb board swap)
This was my first fight stick. It got a neo geo cover art with 30mm sanwa buttons and joystick. I swap the 360 pcb board for a ps3 pcb board. It does work. And function like a new stick.

Over all i’m just looking to make room for my newer fight stick for my ps4/pc, so if you’re looking for a diy fight stick project build or looking to play fighting/arcade games with a fight stick then these sticks are for you. If you have any question’s about these item’s, Please contact me here

(BEWARE/CAUTION: two of the fight stick’s was "modded" and you’re paying a used/as-is item)

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