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New Ebay Auctions, Comics and more

Feb 17, 2017 at 8:29:06 AM
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New Ebay Auctions, Comics and more

It's a great time to play video games, but for comical effect we're diving into the world of comic collection as well!

With a new week comes a new batch of amazing auctions available on Ebay. We're auctioning off some very rare press kits of No Man's Sky and The Last Guardian and a PAL B cart of Eliminator Boat Duel. The Mega Drive gets much love in this weeks auction with a very good condition Japanese Mega Drive, the game Wardner for Genesis. For the arcade lovers among us we have a cart of Ghouls 'n Ghosts available for the Sega Mega Tech as well as many other items that will make your video game collection shine like no other!

Ever wanted to relive the tales of Superman, Batman, The Avengers or some of your other favorite heroes? Now you can. We're providing a large selection of American comics ( both vintage and new) on our webshop and the amount is growing everyday. With over 1,000 comics available there is a hero for everyone, or inside everyone. You decide!

In our enthusiasm we've gathered an overload of Playstation titles. So instead of going the logical way of building an awesome throne out of it we've decided to give a 20% discount on all Playstation items on our webshop in the weekend of the 17th of February lasting until Monday the 20th. 

Game stopped working? Accidentally used your favorite game as a frisbee? Or you just played so much with you favorite game that it's wearing down? Then we have got you covered. Magix Buttons is now offering disc repair service to help you restore your games back to good health! 

Speaking of comics! Magix Buttons will be attending Dutch Comic Con this year with our big old booth filled with the best deals in video games and comics. So mark your calendars with March 25/26 and we will see you all there!

As always we're putting the sweat on our backs to bring you guys the best deals in retro and gaming in general. This means that we've been stocking up like crazy to bring you guys the best Neo Geo, Dreamcast, Playstation items and many more!

There are tons of new consoles, games, arcade sticks and controllers coming up on our website in the upcoming weeks. So set our store page as your home page to never miss out on any great deals! =D



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