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Sega Mega Drive 2 VA 1.8 Euro/Asia - Legit or Clone?

Jul 08 at 4:15:00 AM
jim_bongo (0)

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I've come across a strange variant of the MD2, that I hope the community can shed more light on.
I am trying to determine whether the unit is authentic or a clone.

The packaging is the European style of the MD2 but features an Asian MD2 model on the front of the box.  Inside, the console unit indeed appears to be the Asian model.
The rear of the packaging is labelled "Made in Japan" with the model number MK-1998-20.

After searching for MK-1998-20, I found someone had the same query as me some years ago:

Unfortunately, the above page no longer contains the images the owner took, so it is difficult to tell if both his and mine are identical.

Based on what I found here, it appears to be described as a clone.:

However, I found conflicting information here on the same site:

Photos on the Sega Retro site suggest the unit could be an authentic model from Belarus:

The unit is located in Cyprus where it is supposedly to have been since its manufacture or original retail.
Based on the European packaging and Asian Console mix, it may just be a coincidence that the Greek MD2 is the European console and packaging, and the Turkish model is that of the Asian console and packaging.
This one seems to be somewhere in between.

I have attached photos of the packaging, console unit, and the PCB after opening. You can see the PCB is labelled "VA 1.8 Asia".

Has anyone seen this exact model before?  Does anyone have enough experience to say whether it is authentic or a clone?


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