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Genesis 2 VA1 w/ CCAM or Genesis 2 2/3 VA3. Help me decide?

Jun 06 at 8:36:02 AM
Strra (0)

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I was looking for some time for a 3/4 board Genesis 2 and got impatient and got my VA1 Model 2 modded with a CCAM.
Today I found a 3/4 VA3 for a price I couldn't turn down so now I have to decide on the two.
Considering I'm torn, can anyone offer a reason I should choose one over the other?
A strange thing I noticed is that both have the "bad" Samsung KA2195D video encoder.. however the video quality on the VA3 is significantly better in regards to jail bars and rainbow banding. Here's some pictures:

You can see the vertical lines are way more apparent on the VA1.
All this said, I have a 32X to clean up the video so this has less of a bearing on my decision but it's definitely interesting.

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Jun 18 at 2:40:04 PM
dballin (22)
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If you haven't asked this question over on sega-16, I'd advise you to do so. They have a lot more hardware geeks over there who would be better suited to answering this question.