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32X Cables that Damage your system

May 11 at 5:53:19 PM
yZoneFox (3)

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United States
I can't remember where, but I read that some 32X link cables can harm your hardware.
Does that have any merit?

Will these cables harm a model 1 Sega Genesis?

May 11 at 8:55:21 PM
billybob884 (0)

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I can't see how it could... Only thing I can think of is if the pins were wired incorrectly or something, but you'd instantly notice if they were since the 32X wouldn't work.

May 28 at 8:47:32 PM
theclaw (78)

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The link cable is simply an RGB cable.
If wired bad, 5 volts could go to the wrong pin inside the 32X.

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