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The Ooze (Variants) UPC (Bar Code) Stickers/Changes

Feb 10, 2018 at 8:37:39 PM
YanosCIB (0)

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Because I only add first print games to my collection, I am constantly looking at/for small variations in box art/labels/roms in order to ensure I get a first print copy. That being said, I have run into an issue I have yet to sort out: The curious case of...THE OOZE.

I have been looking for a copy of The Ooze for over a year (on ebay and in the wild) but I have yet to see a copy where the outer sleeve does NOT have a UPC sticker over the original UPC printed on the box. Maybe a sticker-free first release was a very small print run or I have just missed it if one has popped up on ebay since I started looking.

QUESTION: Was The Ooze ever released/sold with the orginal PRINTED barcode (the one that correctly corresponds to the games SKU # 1512)? I'm not interested in sleeves where someone REMOVED the UPC sticker from the sleeve, I just want to know if the game ever made it out to stores with only its original printed UPC as I am beginning to think it may not have.

NOTE: For those who have no clue what I am on about or just want to know more, here is what I have seen.
Click on images for full-sized versions]

[Common Variant]: This may actually be the first print run as it is the most common in my search. This would be the standard cardboard box with a UPC STICKER placed over the original printed UPC code effectively changing it to 0 10086 01572 0.

[Value Pak Variant]: This shows up on the games with the round orange Value Pak sticker on the front of the box sleeve. In the few examples of this game I have seen, it is this same sticker on sticker over original UPC situation.

[Common Variant Unmasked]: Just for fun, here is what you get when you attempt to remove the first UPC sticker from the Common Variant. Although it is a bit difficult to see, the data is there and it shows the original UPC printed on the sleeve is what we would expect to find based on Sega's barcode and T-Code schema. The underlying original UPC was 0 10085 01512 6 which matches the T-Code of 1512 printed in the lower left corner of the front/back of the sleeve.

SPECULATION: Was a VERY small first publishing run made with no UPC sticker before they realised there was an error in the UPC code? Did the first run sell well enough that a second run was ordered with some change in distrubition that required UPC code change? I understand the need for a new UPC for the Value Pak games but I have yet to understand why I have yet to see a copy with no sticker over the original UPC. If anyone knows the story or can add some info, please do so. Thanks

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Feb 11, 2018 at 9:54:41 PM
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Feb 16, 2018 at 10:36:53 PM