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Alright, can anybody shed some light on this Dreamcast disc? "Super Runabout San Francisco Edition Driver's Kit"

Jan 6, 2017 at 1:46:01 PM
Kobun Heat (54)

(Chris Kohler) < Flicky >
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Bought this in a classic game store just before Christmas. Couldn't find any information about it in a brief web search on my phone, so I figured I'd take a chance on it. Turns out there's zero information that I can find online at all, and throwing it out to Twitter and Facebook turned up nothing but a bunch of "I've never seen or heard of this" even from old-school gaming journalists.

Details: It's called the "Super Runabout San Francisco Edition Driver's Kit." From what I can tell (I haven't put it in a Dreamcast yet) the disc is just a retail Runabout disc, doesn't look special. The slipcover and manual are professional print jobs, no difference in terms of quality between this and a regular Dreamcast case/manual. The contents of the manual aren't the actual game control instructions; it's a hint book that gives you tips on the various levels. The back cover art does have a Dreamcast logo, but no UPC, meaning it's likely a promotional copy (or was packed in with another product, but that seems extremely unlikely since there's no evidence). The "30 Minutes Free" thing is a telephone card.

Based on the fact that press folks have no response, my guess right now is that this was possibly part of a larger set of Runabout stuff that would have been sent to a store manager, not the press (like that Conker's Bad Fur Day kit that went to retail managers). Also basing this on the fact that the purpose of such a marketing kit would have been to familiarize the store manager with the product so they could better sell it to consumers, hence the hint book.

Certainly if any Sega collector among you has a copy of this and knows how it was sent out and for what purpose, that would be great to find out! Otherwise I'll just leave this here in case another one of these turns up, so that we can keep piecing together the evidence.


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Jan 10, 2017 at 6:05:02 PM
Silverspoon (33)

(Justin Steimer) < Sketch Turner >
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That is interesting. Ive never heard of it before now, but here is a video of it.

Feb 05 at 6:28:21 PM
Bartre (31)
(Matthew Larkin) < Flicky >
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What about the back?
Is the manual different?

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