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Sega Genesis CIB Contents my ongoing project - please help

Jul 06 at 7:42:21 PM
billybob884 (0)

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Two more:

Ecco the Dolphin (neither had manuals, unfortunately)

World of Illusion:

I'm interested to know what the deal is on the "Value Pak" stickers; I haven't been able to find much info other than this thread from several years ago:
Besides the sticker, the two games I've come across don't seem any different from their non-stickered variants...

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Jul 07 at 12:38:25 AM
supergamboy (117)
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So value paks are kind of a gray area. If you look at that thread you linked to you'll see a post under my previous screen name (molotovwars) where I shared a console boxed with 1 game and a controller. My understanding is that all value Pak games were similarly packaged. So generally I don't count them as variants. Even if you buy one new the seal is different from a factory sealed game

Jul 08 at 9:31:00 PM
billybob884 (0)

< Alex Kidd >
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I see, yea that's a tough call. One one hand, if there are legitimately unique artwork variants only released with the value pak sticker (ala Lightening Force), then I'd argue they need to be included as part of the list; but if there are "variants" where they are identical to non-value pak releases, and the sticker isn't even on the box (i.e. on the cellophane), then I'd agree it wouldn't count...

Maybe the answer is somewhere inbetween? Like only include it if there is something unique about it (be it cart artwork or just the "Made in..." text on the box/manual), or it's verified to have the sticker on the actual box?

Anyway, another one I've found: Road Rash II has both a flip-top and slide box variant:

Jul 16 at 2:10:45 PM
retro17247 (0)

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I've been following this project for a while now as I'm trying to "super" complete my games by including all of the original inserts as well as the manuals. As I'm proceeding, I've come across two odd things that I hope someone can help me with.

1) I always remembered Super Hang On as a launch title, but the spreadsheet shows that the "Batman Returns" poster is the proper insert. Batman Returns (and most of the games shown on this poster) came out several years after the Genesis' launch.

2) The spreadsheet shows that "Trouble Shooter" by Vic Tokai includes a patents insert. If that is true, wouldn't this be the only third party game to include that particular insert?