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DaneNES for sega hello

Feb 08 at 1:00:21 PM
DaneNES (4)
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North Carolina
hey sega age! ive been a member of NintendoAge for a little while. i had sega games but wasnt quite as passionate about the titles or sega versions of nes games as i was growing up with nintendos mostly. however i recently in the last few years was given a Saturn with a very lucky set of games that got me going nuts. titles including, (Dragon Force, Legend of Oasis, Mega Man8) to name a few. sega saturn has slowly turned into one of my favorite consoles, with a collectability skyrocket that puts NES to shame (unfortunatly), but some of the best fighting games ever made. at least these titles are actually rare, so dropping money now and again doesnt feel so waisted on over inflation and resellers. also i had another buddy ask me to fix his genesis and get it running properly. when i did he didnt want it back, and thats where it all happend. so much cheaper than nes i couldnt resist trying titles i only saw in comercials as a kid or played at friends houses. anyway im happy to have joined sega age. ill try not to ask to many stupid questions. thanks all! daneNES


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Feb 08 at 1:04:24 PM
Nordak (0)
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Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay.

Feb 08 at 2:39:41 PM
flatuswalrus (54)
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Hello and welcome. Good to see you getting into SEGA, better late than never.

Feb 09 at 9:02:04 AM
nieds16 (38)
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United States
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Feb 09 at 11:05:47 AM
The Count (104)
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Welcome to SA, Chief. There are no very few stupid questions here.