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yo yo hello old collector ready to sell

Apr 18 at 9:18:04 PM
buckeyes (0)

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hey been at collecting sega. and I mean all sega almost complete sets. outback joey complete aswell and tones of rare items to sell. I specialize in sega really but have a few old school niintendo stuff as well.

sega genesis complete/no BBcart
game gear 95 percent sealed only missing RISE have all the systems complete and boxed like new.
saturn collection more than half complete.
complete 32x games systems
sega cd over half way aswell. ALL JEWEL CASES ARE NON CRACKED>

may sell on ebay but will give collectors a shoot first.
names jon 937 931 3082 call for faster responds.

Apr 19 at 2:30:18 PM
supergamboy (111)
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United States
Welcome to the forum. As you are new and potentially selling high value items, it would be advised to share some "feedback"

Can you link to your eBay account?
Have you participated on other forums where you've been a member for an extended time? Have you conducted transactions there that you can point toward?

I hope you can pair some of your items with members here looking for them, but you'll have a smoother time if you're able to establish some credibility and reassure your potential buyers. And of course, pictures here would help. Especially if you're able to write your username and today's date on a piece of paper and add it to some of those pictures.

Good luck!