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Is there a list of all of the blue and red case Sega Classic releases for the Genesis? Collector's Corner 2 08/20/2019 07:07 AM Orrimarrko (38)
Is this normal? Megadrive 2 under board
» Trying my hand at repairs and found this
Help Wanted! 1 08/16/2019 11:54 AM yeah1526 (0)
Mega Tech Cabinet Cartridges Gaming Buy, Sell, & Trade 0 08/15/2019 03:05 PM Gagesac (18)
Sega-16 registration Everything Else 2 08/17/2019 09:56 PM billybob884 (0)
Can cartridge save batteries leak/damage the circuit board? How do collectors deal with this? Collector's Corner 3 08/06/2019 11:46 PM billybob884 (0)