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Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II
Posted by Dain on February 09, 2015

I was contacted by a store owner in Canada looking to sell his Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II cart, and figured I would share:


Click here for more information

9/30/14: PS4, PS3, STEAM and OUYA
Posted by Dain on September 24, 2014

Pier Solar will be released on September 30th, 2014 for PS4, PS3, STEAM, and OUYA. Development is completed for all remaining platforms. The release dates for Xbox One, Wii U and SEGA Dreamcast will be announced next month, pending certification (Wii U & Xbox One).

In December 2012, WaterMelon ran a Kickstarter that successfully raised over $230,000 in 30 days.
Pier Solar HD "is a love letter to the rich, imaginiative 16-bit RPGs of a bygone era." It was originally designed and developed for the SEGA Mega Drive & SEGA Genesis. Yes, you read that right!! It was actually the only freshly developed game of its kind in the new millennium.

Available NOW! Bill's Tomato Game
Posted by Dain on July 31, 2014

Pier Solar HD to be Release Q2 2014
Posted by Dain on March 05, 2014

NEO XYX / ネオ ザイクス for Sega Dreamcast Available
Posted by Dain on March 05, 2014

Everything is Dolphins: A Role Playing Game by Ray Weiss
Posted by Dain on December 11, 2013

SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Documentary Art Book
Posted by Dain on November 13, 2013

The latest E-zine has arrived and is packed with goodies!
Posted by Shane on September 05, 2013

Time Trax for the Sega Genesis now available for download!
Posted by BeaglePuss on July 08, 2013

WFS!!#7 IS HERE!!!
Posted by Podmax on May 05, 2013

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